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Concrete Benches

Settle on the perfect concrete bench.

Custom concrete benches are versatile and can be used in many settings, whether it be in an entrance, foyer or as a concrete furniture piece, it even has the versatility to double as a concrete hearth. Concrete benches are both a practical piece of furniture and a bold design statement.

The versatility of concrete takes the utilitarian concept of a bench from everyday to extraordinary! The design of your concrete bench is subject only to your imagination.

custom concrete bench with coordinating legs in reading nook of modern homeSmooth concrete bench in the colour Natural

cantilevered bench spanning across entire wall with floating like bracket effectSmooth concrete cantilevered bench in the colour Natural

custom concrete bench in minimalist home with smooth wood bench base Smooth concrete bench in the colour Natural

robust concrete dining table bench seating in a luxurious high end homeDistressed concrete bench in the colour Charcoal

Custom Cantilevered Benches

Our fine cast concrete creates the perfect material to become a cantilevered bench, whether it suspends from your wall and becomes seating, or doubles as a hearth for your wood burning fireplace, the cantilevered bench becomes a favourite option for those looking for a more contemporary design. The cantilevered bench can be as thin as 1” or include a large drop edge for a more prominent look. Steel brackets support these benches and creates a floating effect in your space, offering a sturdy place to rest. 

Concrete Dining Table Bench

As benches for dining tables become more popular so does the use of high end concrete for this application. Concrete benches can be fabricated with waterfall legs to create a minimalist feel. A concrete bench top with a coordinating material such as a steel or wood base can produce an industrial chic or farmhouse vibe. Dining benches are the perfect pairing with your table for a luxurious look as well eye catching seating for friends and family at your table.

Custom Commercial Benches

Concrete benches found in commercial applications are endless, and can be found in reception areas, retail spaces or hotel lobbies. The perfect place for your customers or clients to rest. Benches can come in various sizes, shapes and colours, whether curved around a cylindrical column or flush against a wall in a waiting room, allow your seating to become a statement piece in your design. Choose to incorporate corporate branding, a logo or company name – and your custom bench design will be reflective of the modern aesthetic of your brand. Our high quality and durable concrete becomes the perfect piece for your retail or commercial space.