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Concrete is a naturally porous material that needs the protection of a sealer. Your surface is either treated with a matte penetrating sealer that permanently bonds with the concrete, or with a topical sealer which serves as a protective layer on top of the concrete. Both treatments provide maximum protection against water, oils and acids. These sealers are especially sensitive while curing in the first few weeks after application.

The appearance of your surface will likely change over time, due to wear and tear through normal use. The sealer is water-based and food safe, forming a permanent bond with the concrete. After this, care must still be taken to maintain your surface.


  • Keep surface clean; wipe with damp cloth after use.
  • Wipe up spills when they occur.
  • Use only mild soap and warm water.
  • Use a cutting board for food preparation.
  • Protect your surface from pots, pans or other heavy objects.


  • Do not clean using any abrasives or chemicals.
  • Leaving acids, vinegar or fruit juices on the surface may result in a light stain.
  • Oils may leave a dark stain that fade over time.
  • Do not cut or use sharp instruments directly on the surface.
  • Do not sit or stand on your surface, especially in vulnerable areas such as by the sink or an overhang.
  • Other sealers may not be compatible with the original sealer.