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About Us

We are dedicated to creating modern concrete designs.

Since 2008, Anthony Concrete Design has believed in concrete and its ability to create a timeless impression, while bringing a contemporary personality to your home or commercial space.

We’re all about delivering the best quality of work and making sure that our clients are happy. Devoted to perfecting our craft, we focus on designing clean, simple, and modern styles in all of our projects.

We find the most success in being able to work with people that have similar goals and a love for unique ideas in design. We love unusual or challenging concepts and thrive on being able to bring this level of innovation to concrete. We will work directly with homeowners, interior designers, or architects to create the exact piece you need to complement your space.

design drawing
design drawing

Our Team

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    Nathan Koppelaar

    Creative Director

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    Meet Nathan!


    Nathan grew up learning about the steel industry from his family, who started a welding and iron business in 1956, which is still family ran & operated today.

    He decided to continue his education in marketing and entrepreneurship and then completed a co-op where he worked on high-end yacht projects until the crash in ’08.


    Wanting to fulfill his creative drive and ambitious work ethic, Nathan decided to open North America’s location for EeStairs. A custom, high-end stair company that originated out of the Netherlands. Nathan and his brother quickly ramped up the business and continued to seek ways to improve and advance the company. With Nathan’s creative drive and vision as an entrepreneur, he and his brother looked for an additional way to grow EeStairs and strengthen its relationship with other natural materials. This began the partnership of EeStairs and Anthony Concrete Design when the company was purchased in 2023. This creates a unique opportunity to grow both companies by combining materials on various custom and intricate projects.


    While Nathan spends most of his time being our creative director, working on business development and leading our ACD team, we should also mention that he is an excellent leader, and you can always find him with a contagious smile on his face!


    In Nathan’s personal life, he’s a real “Family Dude.” He and his lovely wife have 6 children. His downtime consists of building and maintaining his hobby farm with his highland cows, pigs and bees. When not on the farm, he and his family spend quality time in Northern Ontario on the water, skiing and wakeboarding like the fun dad he is!

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    Brendan Koppelaar

    Operational Director

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    Meet Brendan!


    Brendan grew up working in the family steel industry, similar to Nathan, his brother. Brendan attended Mohawk College, where he studied to be an Architectural Technician.

    He dedicated a decade of his professional career working at his family’s steel manufacturing plant, where he worked in design and engineering, leading him to manage production for seven years.

    At Anthony Concrete Design, Brendan spends most of his time conversing with our installers and project managers to discuss design feasibility, mainly our shop production.


    When he’s not in the office, he spends most of his time with his wife & six children at home or the cottage, boating or snowmobiling. When he has spare time, you can find him with tools in hand, fixing up tractors and cars or restoring his military jeep.

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    Josh Czegeny

    Project Manager

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    Meet Josh!


    With 15 years of woodworking experience, Josh started building furniture in his home shop during his teenage years. Over time, he expanded his skill set into researching and developing wood-bending methods.


    Josh holds a certificate in Metallurgy from McMaster University, which focuses on turning metals and alloys into practical forms using science, art, and technology. His passion for woodworking grew even more after he became a father, motivating him to advance in his career.


    At ACD, Josh leads both our shop and installation teams, checking with them daily and scheduling site measure appointments and installations. He assists with our mould-making and oversees each project that goes out the door, ensuring the highest quality standards.


    With a desire to enhance his skills, Josh plans to further his education in management fundamentals in the upcoming year. When he’s not working, he enjoys working on his cottage renovation, crafting items in his shop for his wife, and spending quality time with his son. Josh finds joy in watching his son grow and looks forward to passing his skill set onto him one day.

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    Haley Bradley

    Architecture Design & Marketing Specialist

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    Meet Haley!

    As a child, Haley was passionate about making her house a home. Like many, inspired by HGTV is how Haley first became familiar with interior design & decided in her high school years that this everchanging, continual learning career was right for her creative mind.


    Haley graduated from Georgian College in 2017 with a 3-year advanced diploma in Interior Design.

    Post graduation, she dove into custom furniture sales. Soon after her furniture endeavour, she decided to further her education to become a registered interior designer recognized by the Association of Registered Interior Designers in Ontario (ARIDO). Haley has experience working as an estimator, account manager, design consultant, & in marketing. Yet, she still finds time to study part-time at Yorkville University for her bachelor’s in Interior Design & manage her own design business.


    At Anthony Concrete Design, Haley focuses her time on marketing and advertising, samples, site measures, and client meetings to discuss design goals & quoting projects. She believes in her team members and strives to provide the best service to all her customers. When she isn’t working with clients, creating content or studying, you can find her in her favourite place, the garden!

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    Katelyn Barich

    Marketing Manager

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    Meet Katelyn!


    Her love for building with Legos sparked her passion for design as a child and was further nurtured by her technology class in high school.

    Before pursuing her post-secondary education, Katelyn gained practical experience in the design world by working alongside an interior designer during her high school years. She eventually enrolled in Mohawk College’s Architectural Technology program, where she played on the varsity soccer team and secured her first and second co-op placement at Mattamy Homes in procurement and purchasing. For her final co-op placement, she worked as a design intern at EeStairs, gaining experience in Solidworks modelling, installation drawings, and sales. Katelyn was offered a position with our partnered company, EeStairs, in her final internship semester. When EeStairs merged with Anthony Concrete Design, she added the marketing manager position to her role, where she still is today.


    She finds inspiration in leading professionals in the industry, such as Superkül, and loves helping people find ways to achieve their design visions. When she’s not at work, Katelyn can be found in the yoga studio, playing soccer and hockey, or planning her next concert or trip.

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    Matt Downs

    Production Manager

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    Meet Matt!


    Matt was influenced from a young age by his family, who were heavily involved in the trade industry.

    His grandfather was a general contractor, his father an electrician, and his brother a project manager with a carpentry focus. It’s no wonder why Matt had an early interest in welding and fabrication, which led him to attend Conestoga College, where he completed his apprenticeship in metal fabrication and later passed his red seal examination as a metal fabricator. He primarily worked with steel and aluminum, custom fabrication of tool boxes, fuel tanks, and mobile service and repair on heavy equipment.


    Now, 15 years later, Matt handles our day-to-day shop scheduling and oversees the production for Anthony Concrete Design. Matt enjoys that every day brings a new challenge, and he finds fulfillment in seeing a project go from concept to completion. He sees the value in the everchanging technologies in our industry & believes that the company can harness those technologies to continue to evolve and grow Anthony Concrete Design.


    Matt spends quality time with his wife and soon-to-be one-year-old son in his spare time. They love spending time at the cottage and travelling to Florida for vacation. Matt also enjoys skiing, golf and spending time on the boat!

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    Robert Marshall

    Concrete Fabricator

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    Meet Robert!


    Robert has always been a hands-on guy, as he comes from a family of mechanics. You could say it runs in his blood!


    After five years of experience as a mechanic, Robert decided to try something with more creative freedom. He was always fascinated by how concrete would support so much weight, as seen in the CN tower. For ten years, he dabbled in concrete; he believes strongly in the value of attention to detail and innovation and has a great appreciation for how technology is utilized to advance the use of concrete in a variety of products.


    He wants people to know how concrete can be used in the same way granite and quartz are today while still appreciating how concrete is an entirely different material with different characteristics. One of the most significant hurdles Robert faces with concrete is the unknown. It’s challenging to predict how each custom concrete product will turn out until it has completed its essential stages, is cared for and installed on-site.


    Robert’s role at ACD comprises calculations, mixing concrete, pouring into moulds, de-moulding, sealing and quality control. He understands that homeowners are investing in quality, custom home pieces. He loves to hear the aftermath of successful installations and see his work come to life in every space.


    When he isn’t working hard or sipping coffee, he’s with his little guy, teaching him life skills and spending time together as father and son at the racetrack.

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    Jacob VanKoevering

    Concrete Fabricator

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