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design drawing
design drawing

Raw Concrete

Raw concrete is the quintessential expression of finding beauty in imperfection.

The beauty of raw concrete is found in its natural flaws. Timeless in its appearance, raw concrete is a design element that won’t soon fade. Besides being very functional in its use, raw concrete is durable and long-lasting. The charm and casual feel of raw concrete continues as it endures wearing and patina, essentially becoming a seemingly organic part of your home or workspace.

Our Pouring Technique

To stay true to our ‘custom creations’, we have developed a special pouring technique to ensure every raw concrete panel is unique in its variation, rather than using a repeat pattern that comes from a reusable mould. The final finish of our concrete is created in the mold, which results in a look and feel that is not in any way inferior to poured-in-place concrete but avoids the disadvantages of pouring the concrete in place such as time, access and expense. While it is raw concrete in its purest form, we are able to create lightweight concrete in every shape or measurement you need.

The colours of raw concrete

Raw concrete is the ultimate definition of an authentic concrete look, which is complemented by the use of authentic concrete colours. Therefore, we produce our raw concrete in popular grey tones, such as buff, smoke, natural, ash and charcoal.

design drawing

Colours of Raw concrete

We produce our raw concrete in popular grey tones

  • Ash

  • Buff

  • Charcoal

  • Natural

  • Smoke

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Why Choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Authentic industrial look

    Bugged and chipped, our concrete is as raw as it gets.

  • Lightweight Concrete

    The appearance of cast-in-place combined with the ease of concrete panels.

  • Durable

    Concrete has the tendency to exist for ages!