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design drawing
design drawing

Distressed Concrete

Distressed concrete bestows a weathered, vintage feel to an otherwise sleek, contemporary design.

In a modern design with slight traditional hints, the aged feel of distressed concrete adds warmth and elegance. Distressed concrete is ideal if you are seeking a minimal, contemporary and understated look and it pairs well with the use of other natural or industrial-style materials, such as wood, steel, or exposed brick.

The Aesthetic of Distressed Concrete

Distressed concrete involves the art of making concrete look more aged and weathered than it really is, resulting in a rustic and unique patina. Distressed concrete, therefore, is created to look less than perfect, offering a wider colour variation and a more visually-interesting aesthetic within a piece than smooth concrete. We can guarantee that your distressed concrete product will be entirely unique and unlike any other distressed concrete product as we use the natural curing process of concrete to define the final look. Our years of development have resulted in the ability to provide our clients with a unique and functional piece of art.

The Colours of Distressed Concrete

Although concrete is a natural product and looks great in the more traditional concrete colours of buff, smoke, natural, ash, and charcoal, we are able to colour it to coordinate with and complement the other design elements in your space. If any other colour matches your interest, feel free to let us know!

design drawing

Colours of Distressed Concrete

We provide our distressed concrete in a wide palette of colours

  • Ash

  • Buff

  • Charcoal

  • Natural

  • Smoke

  • Black

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Why Choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Unique, natural look

    Distressed concrete is the best fit for your modern and minimalist design.

  • Handcast

    We guarantee the highest quality for all our distressed concrete products.

  • Large-format available

    Add extra style to your design with a clean, nearly seamless look!