Concrete Fireplace Mantels

Decorate your fireplace surround with a concrete mantel.

We create concrete fireplace mantles with simple, clean lines to compliment your modern style. Our concrete mantelpieces are uniquely designed with your specified requirements, and custom fit to your fireplace facade. Most of our mantles are cast at 1” material thickness, making them lightweight enough for your interior fireplace wall. 

The many options for colours & textures to choose from will make your concrete fireplace mantel truly one-of-a-kind.

A board-formed fireplace surround with a custom concrete fireplace mantle.Board-formed fireplace mantel in the colour Smoke

A concrete fireplace mantel with custom fit legs and header and matching concrete wall tilesSmooth concrete mantel in the colour Buckskin

Concrete fireplace mantels can be simple shelves between the TV and fireplace.Smooth concrete fireplace mantel in the colour Charcoal

This concrete fireplace mantel shows off a beautiful bevelled profile.Distressed concrete fireplace mantel in the colour Buff

Smooth concrete fireplace mantel in the colour Charcoal

Smooth concrete mantel on board-formed surround in the colour Natural

Smooth concrete fireplace mantel in the colour Earth

earth-smooth-fireplace-hearth-options-colours-styleSmooth concrete fireplace mantel in the colour Earth

There are many ways to construct a mantel, otherwise known as a chimneypiece, which is generally considered to be the decorative facing around a fireplace. Typically speaking, a mantel has two legs or sides that are joined by a header across the top.  A concrete mantelpiece is most suited to a wood-burning fireplace, and pairs particularly well with a concrete hearth to complete a contemporary look.

For a more modern approach, a concrete mantelpiece can be a designed like a frame around the gas fireplace unit on all four sides.

A concrete mantel shelf

A simple concrete mantel that sits above the fireplace is ideal for those wanting to hang art or a TV above the fireplace. The concrete mantel or beam that protrudes over the fireplace is noncombustible and offers protection needed to deflect heat away from valuables and expensive electronics. A concrete mantel shelf is also great to combine with concrete wall panels for a modern, sleek-looking fireplace surround.

A concrete mantel shelf can be finished on all sides and installed on a hidden steel support. Typical size shelves are around 5” height, 6” depth and can be custom fit lengths suited to your fireplace surround.