Fireplace Panel Package


We offer full service to our clients including installation of our concrete panels and other elements in and around the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

For clients outside of our service area, we are happy to ship our panels to you.  We’ve create a package to assist with the ordering process and allow homeowners to have custom fireplace and wall panels shipped directly to their homes – the Panel Packages are here!

This package is perfect for homeowners who are working with a contractor or are skilled DIYers.

Your fireplace package will come equipped with high-performance flexible adhesive, sanded colour-matched caulking and additional items to facilitate a smooth installation. Our team will work with you and/or your contractor to answer any questions you may have from the time of ordering through to you receiving your packing.

Available for Canadian and US residents. Download our Ordering Guide below for more information.


For clients outside of our service area and for those who wish to hire a local stone installer, please download our Wall/Fireplace Preparation Guide and Technical Installation Guide to assist with the installation of your concrete wall panels.


  • Fireplace Panel Package

    Equipped with product and ordering info, approx. pricing as well as installation guidelines

  • Wall and Fireplace Preparation Guide

  • Installation Guide

  • Wall Panel Ordering Guide

    Equipped with information surrounding both concrete panels and how to order