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design drawing
design drawing

Concrete Commercial Applications

The exclusive style of concrete can communicate your unique corporate brand and style to clients and employees alike.

Your commercial applications

By incorporating concrete in the interior design of your commercial building, you create a unique selling point for your clients and a functional workspace for your employees. The exclusive style of concrete will help you achieve your external and internal business goals.

Opportunities for concrete applications

All of our products are custom made, which ensures we fabricate your commercial application in perfect harmony with your existing brand. Whether you need a retail display or a reception desk, we produce it with great consideration for your needs and wishes. We create a contemporary and sleek design with clever solutions to practical circumstances, such as creatively hiding wires, framework, and other materials that could otherwise compromise the aesthetic presence of your concrete commercial feature. To identify the range of possibilities regarding concrete, have a look at our colours and textures.

Commercial clients

During our years of growing our business, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience providing commercial clients with concrete applications. We were very pleased that brands such as Canada Goose, Adidas and Starbucks – just to name a few – have reached out to us to provide concrete applications for some of their retailing locations. We were able to assist these brands with distinguishing themselves by using our high-end concrete.

Explore our commercial products to see how our concrete can add value to your business.

Take a look at our range of concrete commercial applications!

Why choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Elevate your user experience

    Improve your work day by working with concrete products.

  • Use imaginative design

    Display your logo or name in concrete relief.

  • Enhance your brand

    Show off your brand with a modern styled appearance!