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design drawing
design drawing

Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete wall panels give any interior a real 'wow factor' and embrace a truly modern aesthetic.

The advantage of concrete wall panels

Decorating your wall with concrete wall panels is the ultimate way of adding visual style to your modern interior design. These panels give your interior a contemporary finish that serves as the perfect refinement of your design, yet also bring a touch of warmth and character.

We offer a wide range of textures and colours to express your personal style with your concrete wall panels. Whether smooth, distressed, raw, or board-formed, designers can customize the look of the feature wall with the right finish. We can also personalize the measurements of our panels to your needs and wishes, with large-format panels up to a width of 8ft.

Our shallow relief technique

Using our custom shallow relief technique, we can decorate your concrete wall panels with any theme including logos, lettering, shapes, and designs. The authentic and industrial aesthetic of our concrete panels can be further enhanced by the incorporation of tie rod holes.

Popular amongst interior designers for retail projects or commercial spaces, concrete shallow relief graphics use a depth of 1/4” recess incorporated in the concrete panels to create shadows, resulting in a stunning appearance which attracts a visitor’s attention instantly. Shallow relief is a unique way to communicate your brand and can set you apart from your competitors in a genuinely singular manner.

Match your brand or personal style with a custom designed wall.

Why choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Worldwide shipping

    We can ship our panels to any desired location anytime.

  • Personalize your look

    Your design, your logo, your style: we adapt your wall feature to your preferences.

  • Unlimited variety

    Colour, texture, hue, graphics, relief: our concrete will fit your design immaculately.