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design drawing
design drawing

Smooth Concrete

Smooth concrete imparts a lustrous, rich texture to create a look that is sleek and sophisticated.

Smooth or fair-faced concrete is a versatile way to introduce modern concrete design into any space – concrete fireplace surrounds, concrete feature walls, concrete countertops, custom concrete tables and benches, reception desks, bar tops, pedestals, and display bases. The possibilities with smooth concrete are infinite!

The exclusiveness of smooth concrete

While smooth concrete is more sleek and monochromatic than distressed or board-formed concrete, it still imparts a very distinctive and unique appearance, due to our authentic hand-cast production technique. Every produced panel or piece is unique, as the differences in hue and depth of colour are a result of the many variables involved in the fabrication and curing process. The variation from piece to piece gives fair-faced concrete a sophisticated and luxurious complexion that suits a sleek and contemporary design.

Subtlety can be bold

The more subtle nature of smooth concrete does not limit its creative possibilities. By using varying panel sizes – large format tiles and elongated tiles – and by playing with the panel and seam layout, eye-catching patterns can create a visually impactful concrete surface. Further creativity can be exercised with the option of faux tie-rod holes to emulate the look of on-site, form poured concrete, and logos, lettering, and graphics can also be added to enhance personalization and corporate branding.

design drawing

Colours of Smooth Concrete

We provide our smooth concrete in a wide palette of colours

  • Black

  • Ash

  • Buckskin

  • Buff

  • Charcoal

  • *Earth

  • *Java

  • *Linen

  • Natural

  • Smoke

  • White

Explore more smooth concrete options

Why Choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Smooth and sophisticated

    Our concrete fits your sleek and modern design, because it is made for it

  • Many applications

    From wall panels to stairs to counters: you name it, we make it

  • Quality

    Our custom handcrafted concrete is of the highest quality