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design drawing
design drawing

Concrete Fireplaces

A concrete fireplace surround turns a traditional fireplace into a stunning design showpiece.

Your Fireplace Surround

Comfort, tranquility and elegance are the striking results of the right fireplace surround. For you as an individual or as part of a family, a concrete fireplace can be a fantastic way to set the tone of your home. Your hearth will become a focal point in your home, reflecting you and your family’s uniqueness in its style and design.

Our Concrete

The use of high performance fibres as primary reinforcement in our concrete allows us to create large format panels. Typical fireplaces are approximately 6 feet wide, and our concrete panels are designed to span this width. The lightweight panels can be installed over suitable substrates, such as cement board, plywood or occasionally directly onto the framing.

Concrete fireplace surrounds are very safe because concrete is a non-combustible material. Since our poured concrete panels are only 5/8” thick, the weight of the concrete fireplace surround is significantly reduced compared to cast-in-place concrete, while still maintaining the look and feel of a stone product around the fireplace.

Designing a Concrete Fireplace Surround

We want our fireplace surrounds to perfectly complement the home. In order to achieve this, we customize our concrete panels to your living space. We can also provide additional custom elements such as concrete hearths, concrete mantels, and matching concrete benches.

Being an architect or designer, concrete attracts and challenges you. The flexibility and custom-created opportunities of concrete fireplace surrounds make it possible to incorporate concrete panels in almost every interior design. Numerous options regarding textures and colours are available to shape your concrete fireplace surround correspondingly with the surrounding decor.

Have a closer look at the available options for our concrete fireplace surrounds.

Why Choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Non-Combustible

    Our concrete is non-combustible and therefore safe to use for fireplaces.

  • Lightweight

    Our panels are thin and lightweight, which demands less from the space and substrate.

  • Versatile

    Our concrete is made to fit every unique design and personal style.