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Concrete Characteristics


Variations in mould material, mixing techniques, production techniques, curing techniques and environment will cause the material to adopt a different appearance. Therefore all products will vary in colour, size, appearance, and texture, making each piece truly unique. Although the curing of concrete slows down after some weeks, the process never stops completely, which may enhance the uniqueness of your concrete product.

Colour Variation

The natural curing process of concrete often results in colour variations, creating an authentic and natural look and feel. Please note that colour samples are just as unique as each concrete product and therefore should be used for representation only.

Measurement Tolerances

Our panels are hand-crafted and are subject to a measurement tolerance of +/- ⅛” on all sides.


Because concrete is a natural product, it is not always perfectly flat and this can impact installation methods. Often ⅛“ grout lines are used, which is ideal for allowing the expansion and contraction of the concrete. Our clients find that the imperfect nature of concrete adds character to their final product.


Concrete is non-combustible and the perfect solution for zero-clearance fireplaces. Heat resistant concrete panels can expand and contract, and are suitably reinforced to avoid chances of cracking, making the choice to use concrete ideal for family safety.


Concrete is porous and naturally sensitive and must be sealed. We use a variety of sealers that either penetrate the pores in the concrete slab, create a permanent bond with the concrete, or are applied as a topical layer. A quality sealer is essential to protect your concrete surface.

Concrete Production

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

High-performance fibres are used as primary reinforcement in our concrete. Using fibre-reinforced concrete allows thin panel fabrication between 5/8″ to 1″ and ensures the maintenance of a minimalist look in a home or retail space.

Moulding / Cutting

Our moulding technique provides great versatility in producing almost any shape, pattern, and relief while avoiding the need to glue slabs together. Each mould is custom fabricated based on your exact requirements and site conditions. For the perfect fit, adjustments can be made, and installers on-site may cut our products using diamond blades or drills.

Finished Edges

All of our concrete products come with finished edges as applicable to the texture.  All concrete countertops are finished with an 1/8″ smooth-to-touch radius.


Precast concrete panels are thin, only ⅝” thick, and are naturally lightweight. The capabilities of technology allow us to have the option of reducing the standard weight of concrete by up to 40%.

Large Format Panels

Generally speaking, our concrete panels can span the entire width of a regular sized fireplace. We produce our panels in custom measurements up to a possible 8 feet wide.