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design drawing
design drawing

Custom Concrete

Our custom concrete concepts are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Whether you are a homeowner, an interior designer, an architect, a contractor, or a business person, if you love concrete design, this page is for you!

Are you looking for something on our website and unable to find it? Not sure what you’re looking for, but you love concrete as much as we do? Our business is based on love, skill and creativity, and we’re ready to help you make your custom concrete concept a reality!

A variety of custom concrete concepts

There is no limit to what we can create with concrete.  If you can imagine it, we welcome the challenge to create it! We have created concrete benches, either as an additional feature to a concrete fireplace surround or not. We have also made additional fireplace features such as mantels and shelves incorporated into the concrete fireplace surround.

We’ve created concrete concepts beyond fireplaces–a concrete table with Italian-style table legs, concrete display bases with glass display panels, even concrete stairs for residential and commercial use. All of these projects began with an idea from a client and ended with a unique custom concrete concept.

Therefore, whenever you have a creative idea for a project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are open to any idea as far as concrete is involved. Together we can develop your idea into a specific and workable custom concrete concept. We would definitely love to hear from you!

Have a closer look at the available options for our custom concrete concepts.

Why choose Anthony Concrete?

  • Personal advice

    We are always happy to help and share some ideas!

  • Over 12 years of experience

    And over 12 years of challenges: we are ready!

  • Your own ideas in concrete

    Your style, our skills: let’s make something concrete.