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Concrete Sinks

Make a concrete sink your statement piece in the room.

Our hand-crafted concrete sinks are made to your specifications for retail, commercial and residential settings. Our sinks are highly versatile – customizable in form, colour and function. A concrete vessel sink can become the unexpected stylish feature of a bathroom, and a large trough sink a durable and functional piece of art in a high-traffic commercial space.

The variety of styles of concrete sinks are endless. Our high-performance concrete allows us to make authentic, refined concrete with a smooth, luxurious finish. If you’re looking for a charming, rough-around-the-edges farmhouse sink, we can make that too. Our hand-crafted sinks are cast at 1” material thickness and are fibre-reinforced throughout. There are many colour options to choose from, including custom colours.

We have two main collections for our sinks, Pur Beton and Pure Custom, explore below to see what fit is for you.

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The Pur Beton Collection takes our custom concrete and adds a level of standardization. When it comes to concrete sinks we have seen some typical styles repeat throughout the years. Instead of making new moulds each time, we now use standard sizes for the sink opening with adjustable sides to allow for the surround counters to increase or decrease in size to fit your space just right!

This collection features a trough style sink with adjustable lengths and counter widths. It is available in our standard smooth colour options, or a custom colour if you prefer. These can be utilized in residential, retail and commercial applications. With the moulds being reused we are able to reduce lead times, and costs, while saving materials to help with the environmental impact.

Below we showcase a few options for this collection.

The Pure Custom Collection is precisely that, purely custom for your design vision. We make your moulds from scratch to achieve a wide variety of options, from integral sinks to pedestals and even complete bathroom countertops; we want to help you find the right fit for your space.

Our goal is to create a custom element that fits your application just right, not to have your space fit a standardized product. We offer customizable options for form, colour, and function.

Below, we showcase a few past custom projects.

Get inspired by past projects.

Concrete sinks for a bathroom are frequently integrated into a concrete vanity top to create a seamless look from counter to sink basin. There are endless combinations for the style, size, shape and function of a concrete sink, including ramp sinks, trough sinks, vessel sinks and more.

Concrete sinks are very durable when used in conjunction with a quality sealer. Typical wear and tear of the concrete surface may occur in high traffic areas, as concrete can be sensitive to oils and acids and abrasives. It’s important to understand the care & maintenance required for your concrete sink and vanity top.

Smooth concrete pedestal vanity with integral sink in the colour Buckskin

Smooth concrete vanity with integral sink in the colour Buckskin 


Distressed concrete vanity with integral sink in the colour Smoke

Smooth concrete vessel sink in the colour Black

concrete countertop with triple integral sinks in a modern bathroomSmooth concrete integral sink in a custom colour

Smooth concrete trough sink in the colour Natural

Smooth concrete integral sink in a custom colour

Contact us with your design ideas for your concrete sink and we will work with you to achieve your goals. Anthony Concrete Design offers full installation services throughout southwestern Ontario including, for example, installation of steel supports for cantilevered sink designs.