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design drawing
design drawing

Board-Formed Concrete

Board-formed concrete combines the rustic charm of wood grain with an industrial chic aesthetic.

Our board-formed concrete maintains a minimalistic feel, while lending a touch of warmth and character as well. Individual board-formed panels can be either stacked or staggered to create a unique visual effect and either horizontal or vertical for a highly authentic look. With a range of natural concrete colours from light to dark grey, the look is highly compatible with eco-design and minimalist trends in modern fireplace surrounds.

Modern concrete design with wood grain texture

With roots in the early modern design era, board-formed concrete became the standard in large construction projects: unfinished, roughly textured wood was used in the concrete casting process and left behind a recognizable wood grain texture that designers have come to love and appreciate in concrete design. The method is now very popular in modern concrete design, and while pour-in-place methods are still used a lot, we have succeeded in creating this same board-formed look using thin concrete panels. Due to their lightweight nature and the fact that they are formed and cast off-site in our shop, our board-formed concrete panels are much easier and quicker to install, which generally saves you time and money. For our board-formed projects, we strive to maintain the traditional look of poured-in-place concrete by producing 6 or 8 inch wide boards in lengths up to 96 inches with bleed lines and wood knots.

design drawing

Colours of Board-Formed Concrete

The authentic look of board-formed concrete asks for authentic colours

  • Ash

  • Charcoal

  • Natural

  • Smoke

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Why Choose Anthony Concrete?

  • A modern look from the past

    Includes bleed lines and knots: a modern approach to our industrial history.

  • Easy to install, cost effective

    Our concrete panels are an efficient and lightweight alternative to cast-in-place.

  • Durable

    We make real concrete: and concrete can stand the test of time.