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Crafted Custom Concrete

For the Creatives

Bring Your Ideas To Life

While we specialize in concrete, we’re delighted to mix materials to create custom pieces with our clients, designers, architects and builders.

Below is a concrete desk top mounted to a black steel frame with a 2” drop front edge to enhance the edge profile- maintaining the same proportion and scale as the distressed metal legs.

Photograph by Mark Olson Photography

Each product created is a unique product that requires an ambitious endeavour for our Anthony Concrete Design team.

Colours & Textures

Various concrete colours are available that range from cool to warm tones, allowing for sensible colour combinations. Below is a glimpse at some of our colour options in a variety of textures. Not seeing the right colour for your project? Work with us to customize your concrete colour!

Not Seeing the right colour for your project? Work with us to customize your concrete colour!

Photography Sources: 1 Mark Olson Photography | 2 Natalie Hayes Photography  | 3 Mark Olson Photography

When is comes to concrete tables, ACD has the capability to fabricate a variety of custom base options such as metal and concrete. Our team pays close attention to detail and craftsmanship when creating the custom molds for our table legs; especially designs with intricate details.

Alternative Ways You Can Incorporate Concrete Into Your Designs…

Photography Sources: 1 Image by Alternative Constructors | 2 Image by Paynes Gray | 3 Image by Home of Haynes | 4  Image by Yanko Design | 5 Image by Michael Axelsson | 6 Image by DecorPad

We welcome complex projects and are here to assist from concept to completion!