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Japandi Style with Concrete

A growing hybrid trend

What exactly is Japandi-Style?

The fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics, dubbed Japandi, has combined the use of two design influences that support a healthy, meaningful lifestyle to reinforce a connectedness to nature. The zen-like elegance of Japanese wabi-sabi and warm minimalist elements of Scandinavian hygge come together to produce a look that is serene, organic and thoughtfully refined.

It’s a natural marriage between two cultures that value minimalism and tranquility, while their differences also compliment one another. Scandinavian concepts utilize light wood, crisp neutrals and simple layouts that bring a sense of earthiness to any space; while Japanese design offers warm, rich colours and statement pieces rather than an abundance of decor.

  • thick concrete benches in mid century modern home

How to achieve Japandi Style with our concrete

Simplicity and functionality are the pillars of the Japandi style – standing out for its timeless minimalism. Light and muted colours blend with natural dark shades to create the perfect earthy colour palette. Our concrete offers a variety of natural tones ranging from light beige to a muted black. Introducing raw or distressed textures aligns with Japandi’s natural aesthetic by highlighting weathering and patina as a naturally occurring process.

Japandi interiors strive to be intentional and avoid overcrowding by treating elements in your space as unique, works of art. The phrase “one of a kind” is celebrated in our products due to the nature of concrete and its properties. Colour variation, bug holes and grain lines are all elements that occur naturally and cannot be replicated. The process of hand-casting is an artform which Japandi interiors can utilize to create a natural statement piece.

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