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Concrete Fireplace with Custom Symmetrical Design

Looking into current modern design trends, we are seeing a resurgence of the use of symmetry in large statement pieces, both residentially and commercially. This residential fireplace surround built for a Toronto-based family features symmetrical concrete design elements we love. This project was commissioned to complement a custom-built gas fireplace by designer Igne Ferro and we are incredibly happy with the final result we created for this residence.

Smooth, Extra Large Format Tiles

To create this symmetrical fireplace design, we used concrete tiles in a variety of sizes, with the largest being a 3’x4’ tile. The smooth texture of the concrete creates an elegant and clean look with slight natural variation, and the Java colour – which is grey concrete with slightly red undertones – creates a sense of warmth in the residence and adds a cozy feel to the client’s home. Installation of this piece was easy and straightforward, thanks to the lightweight nature of the large format concrete tiles, which can also be seen in the seating bench in front of the fireplace.

The Beauty is in the Details

The symmetrical detail on either side of the fireplace allows for the two fireplace wood storage boxes to look as beautiful as they are practical. Smooth concrete panels are perfect for finishing wood storage boxes because the natural feel of wood compliments the natural feel of concrete perfectly.

Within the fireplace are faux tie rod holes which emulate on-site, form poured solid concrete. Because of the handmade and custom nature of our concrete design work, we have the amazing opportunity to incorporate finer details such as these into our designs. This flexibility allows our clients to achieve the final look they dream of and is one reason why many of our clients choose to work with Anthony Concrete Design.

Cantilevered, Concrete Hearth Doubles as Seating area

A busy household with lots of children, family and friends requires a flexible solution for creating extra seating space and a safe spot to cozy up to the fire. The concrete hearth mounted to the fireplace maintains a clean look by using the same style as the concrete fireplace panels. The 13-foot long hearth is a single piece of concrete, made only with 1-inch material thickness to keep the piece lightweight, and effectively giving the appearance of a massive solid piece. The non-combustible nature of the concrete hearth keeps this seating area absolutely safe near the fire, and looks great – even when it’s not being used as a bench.

We are thrilled with the final result of this lightweight fireplace surround created with smooth, extra large format tiles and detailed with faux tie rod holes. The symmetrical precision of the design, as well as the practical and beautiful incorporation of wood boxes, makes this custom fireplace design by Igne Ferro a trendsetter as we look to 2019 and beyond.

We are thrilled with the final result of this lightweight fireplace surround created with smooth, extra large format tiles and detailed with faux tie rod holes.

custom concrete fireplace features with wood storage nichecustom concrete fireplace feature wood stage niche Toronto