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Board Formed Concrete Fireplace in Toronto, Ontario

One of the most interesting opportunities that we face in concrete design is the ability to juxtapose new trends with enduring ones. Board formed concrete design is no different; this 75 year old utilitarian method of exterior design is resurfacing in the design of homes and businesses. Originally, board formed concrete was simply a by-product of a practical casting process; today, the trend is viewed as an original, authentic and modern approach to concrete fireplace surround design and is dominating the minimalist eco-design landscape.

Board Formed Tiles with Wood Grain Texture

The individual concrete board formed panel is typically either 6” or 8” in height, and varies in length up to 84”. These concrete boards simply reflect the original wood dimensions they were cast by and offer a true-to-life wood grain texture. Individual board formed panels can be either stacked or staggered to create a unique visual effect, and no patterns are repeated on the concrete, creating a highly authentic look. With natural concrete colours of light to dark grey, the look is highly compatible with eco-design and minimalist trends in modern fireplace surrounds.

Board Formed Concrete for Modern Fireplaces

The modern, fresh, minimalist style of board formed concrete panels is as practical today as it was in its origins. 75 years ago, board formed concrete was a purely utilitarian means to an end; when steel-reinforced vertical cast-in-place concrete became a standard in large construction projects, the focus was not on achieving a particular texture or design. The non-combustible, lightweight and sustainable nature of concrete made it a top choice for designers and builders. Today, the choice to use concrete in a fireplace surround is not so different; concrete shelves can be used to deflect heat from a fireplace and because they are lightweight (5/8” thick), their uses can vary and offer creative approaches to interior design solutions.

Roughly textured unfinished wood boards formed the concrete in yesteryear and today; this look creates a timeless, recognizable wood grain texture appreciated by many. In its original usage, the wood grain finish was simply the accepted by-product of a concrete casting process. Now, many families and homes are finding the trend of board formed concrete is adding to the aesthetic of their concrete fireplace surround design and creating an authentic look that is both timeless and on-trend. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how board formed concrete can create this look in your home or retail space, and to discover the custom options that Anthony Concrete Design can offer you.

The non-combustible, lightweight and sustainable nature of concrete makes it a top choice for designers and builders.

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